Fun and hands-on learning about bees

Can improving your kids' eco-literacy bee any easier?

In today’s digital age, children’s affinity for iPads and laptops offers them diverse avenues for online learning. However, we recognize the significance of balancing screen time with hands-on experiences outdoors. This balance becomes even more crucial as the specter of climate change looms larger.. Let us guide you in cultivating a love for nature that encourages them to embrace the outdoors.

Earlier this year, Upper Canada Preparatory School, one of Canada’s esteemed private institutions, integrated our lesson plan into their Project Week. This comprehensive program aimed to enhance students’ awareness of their ecological footprint and promote sustainable practices, seamlessly woven into their lives. As part of this initiative, students engaged in tracking their daily carbon emissions using our League for Green Leaders platform and even constructed model bee houses—an integral aspect of ecosystems.

The role of bees often goes unnoticed, yet it’s critical. They play a pivotal part in pollinating the flowers that adorn our landscapes and in the production of the food that graces our tables. However, industrialization and climate change have placed the bee population under severe threat.

During the Project Week, sixth-grade students followed our League lesson plan, crafting bee houses from construction paper and paper straws. This tangible activity offered them insights into the habitat of these vital creatures that affect myriad aspects of our lives. Beyond this, our “Track your CO2” feature in the League program enabled students to understand how their everyday decisions influence their Greenhouse gas emission levels. Simple practices like recycling and carpooling with friends emerged as impactful strategies for reducing their carbon footprint. Educators have lauded the competitive edge of this educational approach, as it not only boosts engagement but also empower students to be part of our sustainable future.

Experience is an unparalleled teacher. What better way to educate our children about climate change than by immersing them in practical learning?

Follow the footsteps of one of Canada’s best schools and make climate education meaningful to students! Join our next League for Green Leaders competition today and together, we can foster a generation of environmentally conscious citizens in the way they enjoy.

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