Privacy Policy

Springbay Studio is committed to protecting your privacy. We take your and your child’s privacy very seriously.

We have prepared this Privacy Policy to describe our practices regarding the information we collect from users through our online programs, located at, mobile and tablet applications (“Applications”), provided by Springbay Studio Ltd. (“Springbay Studio”, “we”, “us” and “our”) .

Last Modified Date: June 20, 2021

What information does Springbay Studio collect in order to download mobile games?

For all mobile games, Springbay Studio does not collect any personal information about your child, and does not allow any third-party advertising for any mobile games. The game related data is stored on your mobile devices and is not collected. Also, game related data is restricted from third-party entities.

What information does Springbay Studio collect to use online programs and why?

Springbay Studio’s online programs collect information in order to provide a personalized and engaging learning experience for each child, and to provide real-time reporting features to teachers and parents.

Springbay Studios does not ask for or require children and teachers to provide personal information beyond which is reasonably necessary to use our online programs. Information collected from students and teachers is never used, disclosed, rented, or sold for third-party advertising of any kind, including behaviorally-targeted advertising.

  •  If a student is using our online programs

Springbay Studios collects only the necessary information from students in order to create a personalized and fun learning experience and to help parents and teachers understand students’ learning progress.

Students can register for online programs in two ways: using an URL provided by their teachers or registering their accounts using a team code provided by their parents.

For students using the URL from their teachers, Springbay Studios will explain to students what information is collected from them, and why it is needed. Students have the options to give permission to collect their information or opt out. The consequences of opting out will be explained and their options will be presented. In the case of opting out, none of the students’ information will be collected, and they cannot access our online programs.

In the case when students give permission to collect their personal information, the following data will be collected:

First name

Last name

Google Classroom associated email

The schools where students come from remain in control of such information.

Students use Google Classroom authentication to login to our online programs.

The student’s email is used to identify that student to their teacher so to further validate whether their teacher has the valid licenses to use these online programs. The result of such validation will decide whether the student can access the online programs or not. The student’s first and last name are used to show the teacher the progress and performance from this student. The student’s first name is used in their team related features and leaderboards involved in the online programs.

As students interact with the online programs, information is collected on the learning models they interact with, scores, points, badges, levels, missions, tasks, their answers to the questions, (hereinafter referred to as “Performance Data”) . Such Performance Data is used to show teachers how their students perform and progress in the online programs. Performance Data is used to communicate with students about their status in the online programs, such as their standings on the League For Green Leaders leaderboards, their customized badge lists and game maps.

Another way for students to register for these online programs is by using a team code provided by their parents. In this case, only the following information we be collected: 

First name

Team code

Parent’s first and last name


The parent’s first, last name and team code are used to validate that the student has a permission from their parents to use the online program. The first name is used to identify that student in such online programs, and show their parents how well the student performs in these online programs. The student’s first name, Team code and passcode are required when that student logs in again. 

As students interact with these online programs, the above mentioned Performance Data is collected. Springbay Studios uses such Performance Data to show parents how their children perform and progress in our online programs. Performance Data is also used to communicate with students about their status in our online programs, such as their standings on our leader boards, their customized badge lists and game maps.

  • If a parent is registering for our online programs

When parents sign up for our online programs, the following information will be collected:

A parent’s full name, email address, and password are used for identification purposes and to allow the parent to securely log in to the online programs and access to their children’s records. Email addresses are also used to communicate important information with parents via emails. A parent’s consent to accept our privacy policy is required before Springbay Studios collect their information and register them to the online programs. If parents are identified as Team Organizers, they can set up teams for their children in order to compete in the online programs. If they are not team organizers, they will need to get valid team codes from those parents who are team organizers in order to register their accounts in these online programs. By registering in these online programs, parents give consent to this privacy policy. By sharing their team codes with their children, parents give permission for their children to use the online programs. 

Parents who sign up as team organizers will make payments for the program registration fee on behalf of the whole team. The payments are processed through Stripe, a third party application. All the payment related information will be handled and stored in Stripe. We do NOT collect nor store any credit card information – all credit card information and transactions are stored by Stripe. You can find how Stripe secures customer information here

  • If a teacher is using our online programs

When teachers sign in with their Google Classroom accounts for the first time, it is explained to teachers what information will be collected, and why it is needed. Teachers have the options to give permission to collect the above mentioned information or opt out. The consequences of opting out will be explained and their options will be presented. In the case of opting out, none of the teachers’ or class information will be collected, and they cannot access our online programs.

In the case when teachers give permission to collect their information, the following data will be collected:

First and last name
Google Classroom Email address
Google classes information
Students’ emails in their Google classes

The teacher’s full name and email address are used to validate whether this teacher is eligible to access these online programs. Google classes information and students emails in their classes will help to retrieve the student lists for their classes. Such information is used to show their students lists in the teacher-specific features -Teacher Dashboard and Team Formation in the online programs. The students emails in teachers’ classes are needed to match teachers with their students. 

Teachers login to the online program via Google Classroom authentication, which allows them to securely log in to the teacher dashboard where they can see how their students progress and perform in our online programs. Teachers’ email addresses may be used to communicate important information about the teachers’ accounts.  

The schools where students come from remain in control of such information of teachers

How does Springbay Studio protect and secure my information?

Google Classroom authentication – for students and teachers, we use Google Classroom authentication to validate their login requests. Google authentication is trustworthy and represents the industry standard.

Password protection – for parents and their children, we use passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts, we require strong passwords and recommend to keep your password confidential at all times. 

SSL encryption – We protect any information transferred through our website by encrypting it with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol by default. This makes it more difficult for malicious third parties to intercept your information.

Hashing – The emails, names, and passwords we collected are never stored in plain text, and are instead we encrypt such data through hash.

Database protection – Springbay Studio’s databases are accessible only to our authorized staff.  They block all IP address. All databases are also password protected. 

While we do our best to keep your data secure, we cannot guarantee 100% of the security of your data. Several factors including, but not limited to, hardware/software failure, outages, human error, attacks, or unauthorized use may compromise the security of our users’ information. In the case of a data security breach, we will do our best to alert any affected users electronically via our website, the email account you have provided, and/or another medium that we deem appropriate, depending on the magnitude and severity of the breach.

Springbay Studio hosts our online programs, including personal information on Amazon cloud service that Springbay Studio does not own. Should a breach occur, we will notify the account owner of the breach of the security of the data immediately following discovery, if the personal information was, or is reasonably believed to have been, acquired by an unauthorized person.

The security breach notification will be written in plain language and will be titled “Notice of Data Breach.” The breach notification will include the following information:

What happened
What information was involved
What we are doing about the breach
What you can do
Contact information

What student information is visible to others in your online programs?

Students can participate in online competitions via our online programs. We take precautions to protect their personal information and identities. (Only first names are shown) We only show their first names on our program website.

We ensure that students’ full names are only visible to their teachers, and their teachers can only access such information through Google authentication to the students that are enrolled to their classes.

Students and parents can only see the first names of students if they belong to the same teams. Parents need to login with their passwords to access such information. Students have to sign in either with passwords, parents’ names and team codes, or via Google authentication if they register with their Google Classroom accounts.

For teachers, they can see the performance data and full names of their own students who have enrolled in their Google Classes.

For parents and students, they can see the first names and the performance data of themselves and their team mates.

Does Springbay Studio share data with third parties?

Springbay Studio promises never selling or leasing your or your students’ personal information with third parties.

We may share your information if we are legally obligated to do so to comply with the law. In these cases, we will disclose only the information that is deemed a legal necessity by the applicable law, so as to protect the rights and safety of our users.

We may share students’ information with verified school/district administrators (e.g. Principals or Superintendents) in the near future. In this case, they may be able to see students’ names and Performance Data from our online programs after they login.

Currently Springbay Studio does not use any third-party services other than Stripe and Google Classroom.

In the future when we need to work with other third-party service providers, before working with them, we will first review their privacy policies and ensure that these are compliant with our privacy policy and they are aware our online programs are used by children. Third-party service providers will have their privacy policies reviewed by Springbay Studio on an annual basis to ensure that any changes made do not affect compliance with all applicable legislations.

In the case that Springbay Studio is acquired or merges with a third party, your data will still be protected as per the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. In the case that Springbay Studio goes out of business or files for bankruptcy, we will protect your personal information, and will not sell it to any third party.

Springbay Studio reserves the right to share your or your students’ information with your explicit consent, given verbally, on paper, or electronically. For example, we may publish a case study with a teacher’s name, school, district, and CO2 her students have collected on our online programs with her explicit consent.

How long my information will be stored in your system?

Springbay Studio will retain your personal information as long as your licenses for our online programs are valid. We will delete your personal information after 3 months when your licenses expire. This will enable us to comply with our legal obligations (for example, if we are required to retain your data to comply with applicable laws), resolve disputes, and enforce our legal agreements and policies.

Springbay Studio will retain your Performance Data for internal analysis to understand and improve our services.

How can I view, modify, or delete my personal information?

For teachers and students who sign up for our online programs using Google Classroom, you can update your personal information from Google Classroom.

For parents and students who sign up for our online programs with parents’ consent, you can view or modify your personal information through your password-protected accounts.

As a parent, teacher or school district, you can contact us at any time to review this privacy policy and performance data being held for your children’ / students’ records.

As a parent or teacher, in case you want to delete your accounts before our auto deletion starts, you can request to delete your children’ or students’ accounts at any time by writing to us. You can request to delete your child/student’s account as long as you have a parent or teacher account that is linked to that child. In this event, we will delete your and/or your child’s personal information from our systems, and will remove access from the account within 10 business days of receiving your request.

Please send your written request to:

How will Springbay Studio notify me of changes to this Privacy Policy?

We are committed to keeping your data private and secure. As our business grows, the technology and privacy related laws evolve, we will do our best to keep this Privacy Policy up-to-date.

We will notify parents and teachers when we update our privacy policy via our website and emails.

We encourage all users to review this Privacy Policy from time to time and write to us with any questions or concerns. If you do not agree with any updates, you have the option of terminating your account and discontinuing your use of our services. However, by continuing to use our services after a change to this Privacy Policy, you are agreeing to accept the changes and the terms of the updated Privacy Policy in their entirety.

How can I contact Springbay with privacy questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact our support team at: