What can you get out of the League for Green Leaders competition?

We successfully hosted our first League for Green Leaders competition in 2021/2022 from Nov.8, 2021 – Nov.22, 2021. Thanks for the support from our partners TDSB ECO Schools, Project Neutral, ACER, and teachers and parents,  together we achieved amazing goals and received such great feedback from children, parents, and teachers.

League for Green Leaders Stats

We had an incredible number of children participated, 224 to be exact! Within that number we had a total of 43 teams, 12 in intermediate level and 31 in advanced level. Together our Green Leaders were able to save 12.6 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into our atmosphere – what an incredible number! To break that down, within the 12.6 tonnes, 3.29 tonnes from food choices, 8.95 tonnes from travel choices, and 0.36 tonnes from recycling.

Green Leaders’ Feedback

Want to know what your kids had to say about the competition – here’s some of the fantastic feedback we received:

Q: Which part of the League experience do you like the most?

  • ALL OF IT!
  • I like when I can do the Track your CO2 because it lets me show my true self and I like that very much!
  • I like how it gets us to go out, explore nature, do recycle, and keep track of how much CO2 we have saved.
  • I really liked having the meeting, doing the biome games, recording CO2 and making my wetland in a pan.
  • Finding the biggest tree and identify the tree.
  • I liked all the fun activities we were provided with every day.

Q: Will you continue to save CO2 after the competition? Why do you want to do that or not to do that?

  • I will continue to save CO2 because I like helping the animals people and the environment that we are in and the land that we are on.
  • Yes, I will continue to save. Because I want to help the Earth to be healthy.
  • I will continue to save CO2 because I still wanna help make our environment nice and healthy and because I like to recycle.
  • I will continue to save CO2 after the competition because I know how important it is to stop climate change and keep the planet and life safe.

Q: What have you learned from this League competition?

  • I’ve learned about how much we impact the environment around us as individuals, as a whole and how we can reduce our CO2 footprints by recycling, walking and our food habits. Simple action in our daily life can make a huge difference.
  • What I’ve learned from this league competition is that we have to work as one to save the home planet we are on and not take it for granted.
  • From this League competition, I expanded my learning of the environment. I learnt how to help the environment in simple ways. I also found out about my carbon impact.
  • Absolutely I will continue, I love helping the Earth to become a better place and community!

Teachers also shared how they saw value from the League for Green Leaders program: “I liked the fact that it talked about climate change, ecosystems and relevant topics like CO2 trapping, and had some hands on activities too.” “Very engaging”

Our Top Performers

We’d like to congratulate everyone for all their hard work, all the Green Leaders did an incredible job! Here are our winners of the first 2021/2022 League for Green Leaders competition:

Intermediate Level

Top Teams

  • EcoBun                                                                 1164 points
  • Eco Adventureros                                              917 points
  • Grade 6 (Wilkinson Jr P.S.)                               448 points

Top CO2 Saving Leaders

  • Charlotte (Eco Adventureros)                          221.26 kg CO2 saved
  • Aleena (EcoBun)                                                 180.58 kg CO2 saved
  • Elliot (Grade 5, from Wilkinson Jr P.S.)          169.8 kg CO2 saved

Best Projects – Intermediate

Advanced Level

Top Teams

  • GreenEarth                                                              1355 points
  • Candice Wins (David Lewis P.S)                          1353 points
  • The Susketer Supremacy (JB Tyrrell Sr. P.S)     1276 points

Top CO2 Saving Leaders

  • Stephen (Candice Wins)                                        571.89 kg CO2 saved
  • Jed (Js of all Trades)                                               537.7 kg CO2 saved
  • Leon (The Susketer Supremacy)                         457.05 kg CO2 saved

Best Projects