The first League for Green Leaders competition

For Immediate Release: November 2, 2021

(Toronto, ON) – Springbay Studio creates League for Green Leaders, a Climate Action Online Competition for Children

The League for Green Leaders program is the world’s first, childrens online competition on climate action. A total of 202 children saved 15 tonnes of CO2 in the pilot of League for Green Leaders, which is equivalent to CO2 removed by 18 acres of forest in a year! This year-round online competition is for kids aged 8-14 and runs for 14 days, starting its first season on November 8th. Parents and teachers will set up teams for children online, and children can log in and enjoy fun activities scheduled for each day.

Children’s daily activities include online content and science activities they can even do offline. They will earn badges and points by finishing their daily activities and compete for the top positions in the leaderboards by working as a team. 

Our young scientists will build 12 virtual habitats, and they will learn and explore while playing together with the award-winning iBiome games online. Children can track their decisions on food, transportation and recycling, measure their CO2 savings, and learn to make more sustainable choices. This is a chance for children to become empowered, learning how collectively their choices can make a difference!

As parents, we want our children to have the best future, a future that sustains all life on earth. “We believe children should be encouraged to explore what they can do to make a positive difference. Environmental education should be empowering, playful, and action-based. We want to connect kids with nature through play, empower them to make eco-friendly choices, and help them visualize the green future that can be created by their actions today.” said Jane Ji, president of Springbay Studio.

Prior to the League for Green Leaders program, Springbay Studio has created award-winning educational games about nature and our global changing environment. The iBiome series has won 9 awards from prestigious organizations and has been recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme. 

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