Yes you can. Every League for Green Leaders competition contains iBiome games. Different editions of the competitions may contain different iBiome games. You can access these games during League competitions.

Yes, you can do that with annual subscriptions for any iBiome games you like. The subscriptions will allow you to play iBiome games online on PC, Mac, Laptop and Chromebook any time you want. If you are a teacher, you need to use Google Classroom to access our games online. Please send us an email so we can help you on this: support at springbaystudio.com 

Teachers need annual subscriptions to participate in the League competitions. If you use Google Classroom, account setup for teachers and students is very easy, simply start with teachers registration by using this URL: https://leagueforgreenleaders.springbaystudio.org/login

Click on the “I am an educator” button under Schools (Google Classroom), and follow the prompts to finish your registration. After that, you will see all your students from the class(es) you choose. You can group them into different teams, and select the League season you want to join. Once you finish that, you can copy the URL displayed there for students, and share it with your students. That is it!

By default, you’ll register for a free trial with limited functions. You can pay for the annual class subscription, or use the coupon code provided by your admin to activate your class’ subscription to enjoy the complete functions of the competitions.

Yes you can. Teachers start their registration by selecting the “parent” role, using this URL: https://leagueforgreenleaders.springbaystudio.org/login/register


Follow the prompt to finish the registration and payment. After that, you will get a team code from us. Share this code with your students so that they can register their accounts, using this URL: https://leagueforgreenleaders.springbaystudio.org/login/kids-register

We work with schools and teachers to make sure our program works for your budget. Please send us an email so we can accommodate your need: support at springbaystudio.com

Yes, we welcome parents and families to participate in the League competitions. Every team created by parents needs a team organizer. This person will collaborate with other parents and families who want to participate, setup teams, and complete payment. You can also set up a family team with all your children.

After a team is setup, the team organizer will their team code–which is a unique identifier for eachteam. You can share that code with the other parents and all the children in your team. They will need to use this team code to set up their accounts and join your team. You can refer to these how-to videos for more details:

Team organizer accounts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmcIxOalscY
Normal parent accounts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRj6AvaexYc
Kid accounts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOJqaKEFPpc